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Valentour Incoming Calabria was born in 2001 and mainly carries out DMC and Incoming activities 
acting in Calabria as the reference of many foreign tour operators interested in this region.
Valentour is part of the Incoming Italy Consortium, within which it represents Calabria.

Blanca Beach Club by Valentour

The Smaila’s Blanca Beach Club is an exclusive location in one of the most beautiful beaches of Tropea. On the horizon the wonderful panorama of Stromboli.

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Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Valentour manages accommodation facilities in the Calabrian territory directly and successfully. Passion and commitment guide our staff daily to ensure guests an unforgettable stay.


The complex is located in the lush verdant valley called “L’Acqua” in Tropea, Santa Barbara suburb. Its strategic position makes the major touristic attractions along the coast of Tropea within easy reach.

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Partner Structures

Our offer expands to carefully selected partner structures, guaranteeing our customers our quality standards.

Hotel Santa Chiara

The Hotel Santa Chiara Capo Vaticano is a 10-minute walk from Grotticelle beach. Its location makes it the ideal place to spend a holiday on the Riviera with the family or for a romantic weekend.

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Hotel Residence Costa Azzurra

The Hotel Residence Costa Azzurra immersed in a tropical location, surrounded by lush palm trees, banana trees, is located just 10 minutes walk from the beautiful beaches of Capo Vaticano and about 8 km from Tropea.

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Calabria, land between two seas, with immense expanses of greenery and hills overlooking the sea,
where natural scenarios coexist in perfect harmony with the most ancient forms of civilization, history and culture. A region rich in centuries-old ethnic groups, traditions, dialects, folklore, art and gastronomy which, thanks to their originality, make it unique.


In the heart of Magna Grecia, locations and breathtaking landscapes.



A trip through Calabria is also to discover the pleasure and flavors of its gastronomy, which vary according to mountain and marine locations.


A trip through Calabria is also to discover the pleasure and flavors of its gastronomy, which vary according to mountain and marine locations.



Immerse yourself in the customs and customs of a beautiful and welcoming land.

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